Nux vomica saturnalia et sigillaricia

Strychnos Nux-vomica is a tree of a moderate size, with numerous strong branches, covered with a smooth, dark gray bark. The young branches are long, flexuous, smooth, and dark green, with opposite, roundish-oval, petiolate, entire, smooth, and shining leaves. The flowers are small, white, funnel-shaped and in terminal corymbs. The fruit is a round berry, about as large as an orange, with a smooth, yellow or orange-colored, hard, fragile rind, and many seeds in a juicy pulp. It has frequently been asserted that the pulp is innocuous, but Fluckiger and Hanbury, and also Dunstan and Short ( P. J ., 3d series, xv, 1) have demonstrated that it contains strychnine. Dunstan and Short have also proved that of the commercial varieties of nux vomica Bombay seed stands first in percentage of contained strychnine, then Cochin, and lastly Madras. ( P. J ., 1883, xiv, 1053.)

Nux Vomica Saturnalia Et Sigillaricia